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AT&T antitrust trial nears its end with clashes over data points

The crux of the DOJ's arguments against the merger has rested on Carl Shapiro's analysis that the merger would cause a price increase of around 45 cents per month per cable subscriber.

SEC hands down $35 million fine in Yahoo hack

The SEC announced a $35 million penalty for the company formerly known as Yahoo for not disclosing a hack to investors.

Naked butts, crime confessions and bullying: What Facebook won't let you post

Facebook details its community standards policies, showing how some seemingly straightforward content bans are quite nuanced.

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass will join Richard Quest on 'Markets Now'

Kyle Bass is the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management.

Wells Fargo blasted by shareholders for series of abuses

"Wells Fargo is a shadow of its former self," the state treasurer of California told the bank's executives.

Dow plunges 500 points

Earnings from Dow components 3M and Travelers disappointed Wall Street. Investors had concerns about results from Caterpillar, Coke and Google too. And it didn't help that 10-year Treasury yields topped 3% for the first time in four years.

Chicago Tribune staffers overwhelmingly back union

Less than two weeks after editorial employees at the newspaper told management they are preparing to organize, staffers took another big step toward forming a union on Tuesday.

Here's a retailer opening brick-and-mortar stores

Gap Inc., plans to add 60 Old Navy stores this year, even as it trims the number of Gap and Banana Republic locations.

French billionaire detained by police

Vincent Bolloré, the chairman of a sprawling conglomerate with interests in media, logistics and energy, was taken into police custody.

Home prices are on an epic run

Real estate prices posted an annual gain of 6.3% in February, and have been rising continuously for the past 70 months.