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Two brothers want to revolutionize the food industry with maggots

South African company AgriProtein gets flies to lay hundreds of millions of eggs on food waste every day. The larvae are then sold as animal feed.

Google still lets third-party apps scan your Gmail data

Google told lawmakers it continues to allow third-party apps to scan and share data from Gmail accounts.

Disney CEO Bob Iger says there will be a 'Star Wars' slowdown

Critics and analysts have argued that the rush of movies in the last few years have led to "Star Wars" fatigue.

Experimental device executes first successful capture of space junk

"It's in everybody's interest to remove that debris," said Guglielmo Aglietti, the director of Surrey Space Centre.

AT&T brings Trump back into Justice Department's antitrust case

In the opening paragraphs of a brief filed Thursday, AT&T reminded the court that Trump said during his campaign that he would block the merger.

General Electric's turbine troubles raise more red flags

The iconic company's power problems just got worse, casting further doubt on the iconic company's comeback efforts.

Trump administration changes tariff exemption process after complaints

Companies will have more time to respond when other companies try to block their exemption requests.

How can I get downside risk protection with robo-advisors?

Robo-advisors are a smart way to invest your money, particularly in good times. But in a changing market, algorithms can leave you exposed. Here's how to protect yourself.

Team Trump says NBC News edited Holt's exclusive interview. Here's the truth

There is no sign that NBC "fudged" the tape of the interview or did anything else untoward.